Library Art Show  
The Glengarry News, October 11, 2017 (Photo by Margaret Caldbick)
Reproduced with permission

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The Alexandria Branch of the SD&G County Library was its usual busy Saturday morning hubbub last week as it hosted a vernissage for the library's October art show, a series of brilliantly-coloured 12x12-inch oil-on-wood paintings and six 5x7-inch panels by painter Brenda Kennedy of Baltic Corners.

Seen with her in the photo at the show's meet-and-greet is Buddy Thompson of Alexandria who was among the sizeable crowd that attended, many of them members of the Glengarry Artists Collective.

Ms. Kennedy is holding a work that returns to the artist's earlier experiments with assemblage. A vividly-coloured folk art fly from Oaxaca adds surprie to the limited-palette panel.

It's a view from the city of Guadalajara that the artist explains is unlike smaller Mexican towns that are full of colourful colonial architecture. "lt's very modem-very Le Corbusier with its white stucco walls everywhere and stark shadows."

Elsewhere in the show, Ms. Kennedy turns her palette to vibrant colours, explaining, "Mexico presents this feast of delightful texture and pattern and colours and I internalize all its warmth and richness."

The show runs until the end of the month and can be seen during the library's normal opening hours.